V-CAT Vietnam to develop crypto crowdfunding services

AvatarStaff writerJanuary 24, 2019
Crowdfunding service to be developed by V-CAT Vietnam

A new crowdfunding platform that uses digital currency is set to launch in April 2019, with the aim to host 10 million users worldwide by 2020.

V-CAT Vietnam has announced the crowdfunding platform, named MALLLESS, will use the JC_coin digital currency.

Currently under development, V-CAT said users would be able to take advantage of the point-transfer transaction model website and its proprietary wallet mechanism, which both enable any selling of new or used goods, or of intangibles.

V-CAT said there was also the possibility to extend the platform’s digital currencies to Bitcoin and for real world currencies like dollars and euro.

Also in the works is a partnership with Raudo, a crowdfunding app, with plans to launch MALLLESS on the Raudo app in August 2020.

V-CAT said this opportunity would let anyone, anywhere to easily participate in crowdfunding and make the provisioning of that funding possible without requiring additional development work for currency encryption.

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