US desert to be home to blockchain-powered smart city

Katie McDonaldNovember 5, 2018
Blockchain Smart City in desert

Blockchains, LLC has unveiled initial blueprints of its vision to transform more than 27,000 hectares of land in northern Nevada into Innovation Park, a high-tech hub that will house a blockchain-based smart city.

The city will comprise residential units, offices, and a research campus, where every aspect of daily life will be addressed using public blockchain, including the community’s voting system.

The decentralised nature of blockchain technology will enable residents to engage with a ledger system shared among all users of a particular service, tracking peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a middleman.

Blockchains, LLC CEO Jeffrey Berns said the city will integrate blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, 3D printing and nanotechnology, among other things, to showcase how residential living and commerce can ‘flourish’ alongside advanced technology.

“Blockchains will empower humanity by creating an environment where anyone, from anywhere, can collaborate together, establish the rules of that collaboration, and even exchange value, all enforced and executed by the public blockchain,” Berns said.

Berns also announced plans for a Blockchains Campus, a place for developers to collaborate on the necessary tech advancements that will bring the smart city concepts to life.

California architects Tom Wiscombe Architecture and EYRC have been commissioned to develop renderings for the smart city.

Thousands of homes, ranging from single-storey houses to mixed-use dwellings and communal buildings have reportedly already received pre-approval, with the city to be run 100 per cent on renewable energy.

The Blockchains, LLC company has also created a Distributed Collaborative Entity (DCE), which has assets worth over US$300 million and zero debt.

The DCE is planned to be distributed among relevant stakeholder groups who will have ownership and control of Blockchains.

“With the DCE, my vision is that the stakeholder groups will eventually be responsible for all corporate management and governance,” Berns said.

“Our DCE is a forward thinking business model that’s in a class of its own with one goal: changing our world for the better.”

If all goes to plan construction of the smart city is anticipated to start at the end of 2019.



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