Project Shivom supports scientific research by monetising DNA data

Jon CuthbertApril 18, 2018
DNA data

Project Shivom has opened the public token sale for its research-focused Blockchain platform to create a secure genomic data hub.

To participate in Project Shivom, users can purchase the OmiX token and will be provided an incentive to share their genomic and health information for research purposes.

Headed by a team of geneticists and scientists, Project Shivom will share research data using the power of Blockchain technology to create a disruptive genomic ecosystem.

“Shivom will guide the field of precision medicine, carrying out genetic data collection through global studies in developing countries, and transform the future of healthcare globally,” said CEO Dr Axel Schumacher.

Shivom’s Blockchain technology will seek to ensure the appropriate management and use of genetic data, accessibility and services.

Users or ‘data donors’ will initially be able to upload their data sets to the platform using third party websites such as at no additional cost.

Project Shivom is collaborating with Genetic Technologies Limited (ASX:GTG) to form a strategic alliance and will become a part of the platform’s global network of laboratories.

Genetic Technologies Chairman Dr Paul Kasian said “access to such a large database of genomic data would allow GTG to utilise its SNP based risk assessment technologies.”

The total supply of OmiX that will ever exist is 3.3 billion tokens, which will be created in a single ‘genesis transaction’.

Payments can be made with ETH and BTC and are credited into a user’s personal account on the Shivom platform.

The Project Shivom public token presale includes discounts available on the first 15,000 ETH worth of tokens.


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