Power Ledger partners with Australian government to launch blockchain energy project

AvatarTessa DempsterApril 30, 2019
Power Ledger with Fremantle City Council

Power Ledger has unveiled a new residential blockchain energy project where residents will generate and share power using their own solar microgrids and battery storage to slash energy costs by an estimated 50 per cent.

The 100 per cent renewable energy development is in partnership with the Western Australian (WA) Government land developer LandCorp, and is part of the Australian Smart Cities initiative, which supports smart technology to improve the liveability of metropolitan areas.

The project, located at LandCorp’s East Village at Knutsford in Fremantle WA, aims to be a showcase for energy-efficient residential development and will feature blockchain-ready homes, a microgrid supply network for water and power, as well as a shared on-site battery.

“The property industry is in a unique position to drive energy change from the ground up. This project highlights how developers can choose to make smarter, more efficient choices when it comes to homes,” said Power Ledger managing director and co-founder David Martin.

Spanning 1.5-hectares, East Village at Knutsford will comprise 36 townhouses, with future residents to generate their own power using individual 5kW PV solar systems and then share renewable energy using the Power Ledger platform across a microgrid.

The project’s 670kW/h shared battery will be owned and shared by the individual homeowners, and each home will also be fitted with an electric vehicle charger.

“Power Ledger’s platform allows residents to sell excess solar power from the panels on their roofs directly to their neighbours at a better price, rather than selling back to the traditional grid,” said Martin.

Power Ledger anticipates the project will save residents about AU$1,200 per year, slashing energy costs by about 50 per cent.

Each East Village at Knutsford will be tracked and assessed by an on-site living laboratory, in partnership with Curtin University.

The research program will build a dataset to demonstrate the value of the innovations and work towards WA’s second One Planet Living accreditation.

“Our energy trading software gives people the option to purchase green energy rather than energy from fossil fuel sources, even if they don’t have solar panels on their own home,” said Martin.

Power Ledger’s SaaS energy trading platform is currently being trialled in several places across WA as well as in Thailand, Japan and the United States.

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