Parisian sneaker brand turns to blockchain to get off on the right foot

Katie McDonaldKatie McDonaldJune 13, 2019
Sneaker Brand uses Blockchain

Satoshi Studio has created a range of sneakers authenticated by blockchain, a move it says will mark the first time a pair of shoes will be certified on the Ethereum blockchain.

The French brand was founded in 2018 and its first sneaker The Satoshi_one, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, will feature full grain leather as well as embedded gold or silver 0.00000001 embellishments representing the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

“Satoshi_one can outreach a large and young population by being a really cool product and a great use case for blockchain. Great design simplifies a complicated world,” said Satoshi Studio CEO Nicolas Romero.Click To Tweet

The sneakers are currently produced in Portugal and the Ethereum blockchain will be used to certify that the sneakers are unique, with each pair containing a pre-configured NFC (near-field communication) chip.

To deliver new products, Satoshi Studio will launch several crowdfunding campaigns each year, with its latest on June 18 via Indiegogo.

Louis Vuitton has also turned to blockchain to authenticate its products.

The brand’s AURA platform is built on a version of Ethereum that is permission based and will be used to track an estimated 60 luxury labels.

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