New Blockchain, education and crypto news service

AvatarJon CuthbertApril 10, 2018

DigitalX has formed a joint venture with digital media company Multiplier to launch a new crypto business news website and online cryptocurrency education platform.

The two websites will be operated by the joint venture company – Digital Multiplier Pty Ltd. DigitalX and Multiplier hold shares equal to 50 per cent of the new entity and its assets each.

“DigitalX is excited to be partnering with Multiplier to launch these strategic websites. These sites will be a platform to educate new investors from around the world about the opportunities and risks of crypto-assets, including cryptocurrencies and ICOs, including being a resource for updated regulatory information as it continues to develop.”

“The value of cryptocurrency digital real estate is expected to grow significantly with recent news from the world’s largest technology companies Google, Twitter and Facebook to limit cryptocurrency advertising ,” said DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers.

Both websites are intended to provide different information to different audiences in the crypto-asset space: will provide information designed to educate the market about Blockchain and crypto assets. This will include curated video content delivered by industry experts and highlight how to safely buy, sell and store cryptocurrency assets. will be a digital news network for businesses within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“We are in the same time zone as Asia, so both sites will have a strong Asia-focus. We are aiming to become the authoritative source of information for well-educated and sophisticated new entrants to cryptocurrency markets,” said Mr Travers.

Joint venture partner, Multiplier has been established by former financial news journalist and TV anchor for Bloomberg Television in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, Heidi Cuthbert.

“DigitalX believes that Multiplier’s public relations, reporting and business skills will complement the skills and experience in the crypto market developed by the DigitalX over the past four years,” said Mr Travers.

As the content and the user numbers grow, the joint venture parties hope to be able to generate revenue through advertising and other revenue generation models similar to other online news and information websites.

“The content for both sites will be developed by former business journalists from top tier financial news outlets including Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. This venture is based on the need for quality, credible information in the cryptocurrency landscape,” said Ms Cuthbert.

“We are curating all the knowledge and expertise from industry leaders on a single platform. Our vision is for to become the world’s leading educational site for cryptocurrency investors and look forward to the upcoming launch of these new websites,” said Mr Travers.

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