Mosaic’s new platform to evaluate cryptoassets

Jon CuthbertApril 16, 2018

Blockchain company Mosaic is developing a new platform to help investors better understand the value of cryptoassets.

Traditional equity metrics don’t apply to cryptoassets according to former equity research analyst, now Mosaic founder and head of research Dr Garrick Hileman.

“These networks, these platforms have new economic incentives and new value creation activities, and we’re really only just starting to learn how these work and can be valued,” said Dr. Hileman.

The Blockchain-powered research network is creating a methodology they believe will help people better evaluate a crypto-project or platform.



“Data such as the level of transaction activity, the size of the infrastructure supporting the project across wallets, exchanges and other platforms are all important indicators. The easier a platform is to use, generally the greater its utility,” said Dr Hileman.

Mosaic is building a data, research and information platform that’s trying to solve one of the biggest problems in crypto – the lack of reliable research about different cryptoassets.

The research platform gives users access to high quality data, enabling users to better assess whether a project is over or undervalued.

“That’s a big part of understand which of these projects are succeeding and which ones may be struggling,” said Dr Hileman.

The Blockchain platform will reward its community of vetted researchers with native tokens, the amount dependant on the quality of work and community sentiment.

The Mosaic platform includes data from social networks, data feeds, portfolio tracker and serves as a valuable resource for traders, institutions, funds, and enterprises looking to enter the market.

“It takes a lot of work to create great data and from great data you can have great research,” said Dr Hileman.

“Despite growing demand from enterprises, blue-chips and institutional investors, there is still a concerning lack of access to accurate, valid research material in the cryptoasset network,” he said.

Mosaic’s goal is to bring more transparency and quality control to research and analysis via the network’s analyst vetting process and world-first market intelligence protocols.


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