Moroccan wind farm project turns to blockchain

Katie McDonaldSeptember 17, 2018

Renewable energy company Soluna Technologies has partnered with DMG Blockchain Solutions to drive a wind farm project in Morocco.

Soluna is planning the development of a near 15,000 hectare wind farm in southern Morocco, where energy resources will be integrated with blockchain.

Soluna CEO John Belizaire said the partnership with DMG represented an important step forward for the company.

“Having the right partners is critical, and DMG is best-in-class,” Belizaire said.

“DMG benefits from deep global expertise in building large-scale computing facilities and brings a wealth of blockchain mining and infrastructure knowledge to the project.

“As we plan the first stage of development for our project in Morocco, we are thrilled to have a seasoned partner to galvanise our efforts to create the world’s first vertically-integrated blockchain computing company.”

Under the agreement Soluna will engage DMG for hardware procurement, data centre design, mining setup, remote hardware and systems monitoring.


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