Major international streaming service signs on startup Coincast Media

Tessa DempsterFebruary 18, 2019
Coincast Media Signs Deal with Divan TV

International streaming service DIVAN.TV has signed a deal to rebroadcast Season 1 of Coincast TV, the world’s first mainstream show covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

DIVAN.TV is a global OTT streaming platform founded by well-known Ukranian venture capitalist Andrey Kolodyuk, with viewers spanning 200 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, China, Korea and India.

“The opportunity with DIVAN.TV is a huge vote of confidence in the show which is produced out of Perth. It’s great to be able to work with an international media technology company that’s disrupting the business model for content,” Coincast TV executive producer Heidi Cuthbert said.

Coincast TV is one of the first shows available on DIVAN.TV’s new video streaming platform powered by blockchain, which will offer Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) for Smart TV. Viewers will watch ad-supported content in return for 30 per cent of the advertising revenue, and content owners will receive 50 per cent of total advertising revenue.

Coincast TV champions Western Australian talent with a team of local university alumni, business journalists from Seven West Media, Channel 9 and Business News WA, as well as a former Netflix Originals editor.

Ms Cuthbert is a former TV journalist, working for Channels 10 and 9 News before landing the anchor position at Bloomberg in Sydney.

“Coincast TV’s ability to ‘cut through the jargon’ and bring the complexity of blockchain and cryptocurrency news to a mainstream audience has attracted significant international interest,” Cuthbert said.

Coincast TV Season 1 heroes local blockchain pioneers Power Ledger and DigitalX, as well as interviews with local fintech businesses and WA university alumni including former Curtin University graduate now global author and speaker Michael Casey.

The deal with DIVAN.TV follows the recent opening of Perth’s first Blockchain Centre in West Perth, a hub for tech startups and like-minded entrepreneurs.

“We’re this tiny team out of Perth, and we are now at the forefront of blockchain technology, ready to take our show to the world,” Cuthbert said.

Cuthbert said Coincast TV blended finance with entertainment, humour and pop culture, developing fast-paced content that’s easy to share across digital platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

“About 65 per cent of Coincast TV’s audience is aged between 18-34. We have managed to reach the lucrative millennial market, which is highly sought after by advertisers. We expect that this demographic will broaden the show’s appeal to advertisers outside of the blockchain ecosystem,” Cuthbert said.

Coincast TV Season 2 is currently in development.


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