Genomics blockchain startup inks deal with biopharma company

Katie McDonaldJune 13, 2019
Biopharma Company Inks Deal with Genomics Blockchain

Genomics blockchain startup, Nebula Genomics has partnered with EMD Serano, the biopharmaceutical arm of German pharmaceutical company Merck Group, for a blockchain project that could progress the development of new medicines.

The pilot project aims to assist EMD Serano in their medical research efforts with access to Nebula’s blockchain database of anonymised genomic data, to help researchers better understand the causes of diseases.

“This early stage pilot collaboration with Nebula Genomics is another example of how we are collaborating with external partners to generate big data for comprehensive molecular characterisation of patients. Such data are the basis for a deeper understanding of diseases that will lead to precision medicine, tailored to the needs of patients,” said an EMD Serano spokesperson in a statement.


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