eSports brings in the dollars

AvatarPele FindsonOctober 19, 2018
Dollars Bought in by eSports

One man’s hobby is another man’s ticket to big prize money and global stardom.

Professional video gamers these days can expect sponsorship contracts, endorsements, prize money and like their real-world sporting counterparts, global stardom.

In some cases, they even outperform them.

The Crypto Games Conference is a chance for leading game developers to gather and talk shop.

On show at the conference in Belarus capital Minsk earlier this week were more than 100 new games, with developers keen to explore how blockchain and crypto can get the global gaming industry to the next level.

“For DApp developers who do the cryptogames, is very important to get some feedback for their game,” Crypto Games Conference founder Eugene Lavrinenko.

There’s real money in professional video gaming or eSports, as it’s also known as. Gaming events are even competing with traditional sports leagues for live viewership and advertising dollars.

In 2016 a League of Legends tournament drew 36 million viewers, 5 million more than the NBA Finals.  And popular battle arena game Dota 2 recently handed over US$20 million in prize money to its top players.

There’s even talk of introducing eSports in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This story first appeared on Coincast TV.


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