Crypto timeshare to boost Philippines economy

AvatarPele FindsonAugust 13, 2018
Philippines economy boosted by Crypto

Travellers to the Philippines could soon use crypto to pay for their trip, thanks to a crypto-powered resort being developed by Noah Ark Technologies.

Capitalising on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, guests to Noah Resort, to be located at Zamboanga del Norte in Manila, will be able to pay for their accommodation and holiday expenses using Noah Coin.

It’s all part of the company’s mission to revitalise the local economy in Manila and encourage cryptocurrency trade between Japan and the Philippines.

By boosting the local economy, the company aims to improve the lives of local families through the Noah Project, which is run by its non-profit group, Noah Foundation.

“The Noah Foundation seeks to make a social change through the use of blockchain technology to reduce the economic discrepancies in Asia and around the world,” said Noah Foundation director Josef Werker.Click To Tweet

Mr Werker said the Noah Project will provide the catalyst for the development of financial technology infrastructure enabling currencies from different countries to be exchanged for Noah Coin, easing financial transactions between nations.

“Overseas Filipino workers will benefit tremendously as one can quickly remit money back home to their families using Noah Coins,” he said.

“The mission of the Noah Project is to consolidate and create a common ecosystem that will enable cryptocurrency users to seamlessly integrate all existing features under the same product.”

This story first appeared on Coincast TV.

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