Crypto market has London calling

AvatarCraig SullivanOctober 5, 2018
London Calling on Crypto Market

Graham Rowan, the chairman of the Elite Investor Club, is the latest in a growing list of UK-based investors to explore the crypto market in Asia and the Pacific.

“People who have obviously been around the block a couple of times, they know about traditional markets, now I think they are generally keen to learn about crypto,” Rowan told Coincast TV.

“I think one of the biggest emotions around crypto is FOMO – the fear of missing out.”

The self-described renegade investor believes those opportunities will arise over the coming years via a mix of traditional markets and blockchain technology.

“It’ll be a bit like what’s happening in the automotive world; there’ll be hybrids that develop, a mix of the two, which will actually potentially give investors the best of best worlds,” Rowan said.Click To Tweet

Amongst all the hype, Rowan does caution against investors putting all their eggs in the crypto basket.

“One of the things I really would agree with Warren Buffet on is don’t invest in something you don’t understand,” Rowan said.

“If you are new to the whole world of crypto technology, you’ve got to start by getting yourself educated.”

See the full story on Coincast TV.

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