CoinJar launches new mobile platform

Staff WriterSeptember 18, 2019

Digital currency company CoinJar has launched a new mobile platform it hopes will increase the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

“The cryptocurrency market is no longer the domain of early adopters and technophiles; it is a maturing market and today we have a broad audience looking to buy, sell, hold and trade cryptocurrency,” said CoinJar CEO Asher Tan.

“While you can still buy lunch and exchange digital currency for cash, most Australians now treat digital currencies as investments similar to gold or shares.

“The truth is that it’s a whole new category with properties that enable both exchange and investment of the asset.”

The new mobile-first CoinJar platform includes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, XRP and litecoin.

“Australians are increasingly priced out of the housing market and are disappointed in performance with traditional shares, and so are turning to digital currency as assets,” said Tan.

“It is only a matter of time before it will be used beyond investing, and just like fiat currency, Australians will need their own digital currency accounts.”

Features of the mobile app include real-time price charts, daily and threshold price alerts, fast buying and selling, transparent transaction history, multiple wallet management and in-house support.

“Our new platform works in tandem with our cryptocurrency debit card CoinJar Swipe which is fee free, avoiding an industry standard 1 per cent conversion fee, to make it the most efficient and cost-effective off-ramp to turn crypto in cash in Australia,” said Tan.

The card enables instant and fee-free conversions of digital currency into cash in person at any ATM or anywhere that accepts EFTPOS.

The new CoinJar app for iOS is now on the App Store with a CoinJar Swipe card currently available for free if ordered through the app.