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Caleb and BrownOctober 29, 2018
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Over the past 12 weeks Caleb and Brown have been providing their trading insights and expertise to Coincast TV as a part of  – Top cryptocurrencies of the week.

Through our experience in cryptoasset management we decided to pick what we thought were the best buys of that week and put our money where our mouth is — on public television.


Reviewing the overall market performance, we have seen on a seven-day exist trading strategy we have seen an overall trading increase of 123 percent across nine trades.


Most interestingly is that this has not just outperformed the market but has broken the bearish trend which has been seen across the crypto market. The global crypto market has slid by US$45 billion during the same period resulting in an 18 per cent decrease in performance across the board and a 21 percent decrease across the top 20 coins.

When looking across the all trades, it is worth recognising the worst performing trade was ETH which saw a decrease of 15 percent over the week since spotlight by Coincast TV.

What we have seen is that the worst performing trade was still above the global market average.

In other words, it wasn’t one trade which outperformed the market, but every trade with risk considered in the trading strategy along upside.

With a 131 per cent above-market performance, we hope to demonstrate Caleb and Brown, with over 30 years in combined crypto trading have the expertise and strategies to buck the trend.


Caleb and Brown’s Spotlight Cryptocurrencies

Performance Overview:


How did we do compare to Global Index?


This report was researched and developed by Caleb and Brown.

Information as of 18 October 2018.


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