Crypto brokerage outpaces market despite downturn

AvatarCaleb and BrownNovember 27, 2018

On season one of Coincast TV, Caleb and Brown featured in the ‘Top Cryptocurrencies of The Week’ segment over the course of 12 weeks.

Caleb and Brown ran a segment highlighting weekly spotlight investments, so how did it go?

Our strategy actually outperformed the market by 110.9%, despite a downturn in the market.

But what does this actually look like in dollar figures?

Say you put in US$100,000 in week one, and sold at the end of each week, you’d now be looking at nearly US$190,000 in pocket change.

That’s a return of 89%, beating the industry benchmark by 110.9%. Not a bad result for just 12 weeks.

  • Caleb and Brown’s top cryptocurrencies of the week resulted in a profit of 89% over 12 weeks.
  • Outperforming the industry benchmark (Crypto20) by 110.9% – Crypto 20’s performance over the same period was down by 22%.
  • Outperforming Bitcoin by 94.1% – Bitcoin’s performance over the same period was down by 5%).



With the volatility of the crypto market, was this just luck or clever choices?

“I personally believe this space is not quite mature enough for SP500 market cap weighted index style portfolios. Portfolios containing altcoins need to be actively managed because of the volatility in market cycles,” Jackson Zeng, COO Caleb and Brown.

Institutions have a firm hold of information flow before it reaches the public with traditional stock markets. The distributed nature of crypto means information goes straight to the public, which is where most of the capital comes from.

This means shorter news cycles and subsequently shorter market cycles. However, that’s not to say crypto is a “cash up quick” market. Like any market, there are no guarantees.

The full list of Caleb and Brown’s “Top Cryptocurrencies of The Week” over 12 weeks:

About Jackson Zeng:
Jackson has five years of trading experience in the cryptocurrency space and founded Bit By Bit Capital, one of Australia’s first private trusts investing in cryptocurrency.

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