Blockchain takes online gaming to the next level

Tessa DempsterTessa DempsterJuly 30, 2018
Online gaming taken to next level by Blockchain

Online gaming is receiving a major upgrade as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionising the way players interact on traditional platforms and enabling the opportunity for off-script narratives to occur.

HTC Decentralised Chief Officer Phil Chen said NFTs were disrupting the traditional way of programming and how online games are built.

“Allowing the story to be controlled by the interaction of the people who join a network creates a completely different way of storytelling because you don’t have full control,” said Chen.Click To Tweet

The HTC blockchain exec spoke at the NIFTY Conference and Hackathon alongside MadHive Chief Technology Officer Tom Bollich.

Unlike Chen, Bollich remained sceptical of hybrid games and said at a NIFTY sit down discussion that games which held a base economy on a crypto token were unlikely to succeed.

“What I think is going to work best is to have a tight inner loop of a game where it has an internal economy, and then the next layer has the crypto side - they then interact with each other,” said Bollich.Click To Tweet

HTC is developing a cryptophone, which will support cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum through a universal wallet, secure hardware, and dApps.

The tech company has previously partnered with popular blockchain game, CryptoKitties, and will be available on a small selection of the company’s phones.

NIFTY brings together developers, investors and professionals in the gaming and NFTs, to discuss expanding the consumer market and community for blockchain technology.

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