Blockchain startup to stamp out fake qualifications

Tessa DempsterJuly 11, 2018

Fake qualifications could be a thing of the past with blockchain startup Disciplina developing a new blockchain platform that will allow employers to verify academic and professional achievements.

Disciplina head of blockchain for the project Roman Alterman said the platform will allow universities to upload and store digitised information about their students academics and achievements.

“Our goal is to provide universities with an instrument for monetising their data, as universites today not only store data about their current students, but also their graduates,” said Mr Alterman.

Disciplina’s platform will transform the way education records are generated, stored and accessed to give students and future employees an irrefutable account of results.



All achievements listed on the blockchain platform will be searchable meaning academic and professional results can be verified quickly and simply from anywhere in the world.

The project has been backed by co-founder of top ten cryptocurrency Cardano, Kenji Sasaki, who has made a significant investment in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

“This is a huge endorsement for Disciplina by one of the world leaders in blockchain and cryptography. We are thrilled that Mr Sasaki sees the opportunity for our platform to improve the way academic records are managed,” said Disciplina founder and CEO Ilya Nikiforov.

Mr Sasaki said he was impressed by the team at Disciplina and has confidence in the project given the company features former members of the Cardano development team.

The Disciplina showcased the technology at the 2018 Japan Blockchain Conference in Tokyo in June.


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