Blockchain behind Indonesia recycling initiative

Tessa DempsterOctober 30, 2018
Coincast News Indonesia

Blockchain technology is behind a new recycling initiative to clean up Indonesia.

Recycling platform Plastic Bank has partnered with US household cleaning product manufacturer SC Johnson to open eight recycling centres in the country over the next year.

Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson Fisk Johnson said business and governments needed to come together to tackle the increasing amount of plastic in the oceans.

“Our oceans need protecting. I applaud the Indonesian government’s pledge to provide US$1 billion per year to reduce plastic pollution,” said Johnson.

Local waste collectors can bring the plastic they collect to any centre, where they can exchange it for digital tokens.

Using innovative Blockchain technology, individuals can then use the tokens to buy needed goods and services to reduce the risk of loss or theft.

Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank David Katz said the partnership was the first of its kind in Indonesia.

“SC Johnson is the first CPG company to scale a program of this kind in Indonesia that will benefit a wide range of socioeconomic demographics including local residents living below the poverty level,” said Katz.

The program will also educate the local community about the growing threat of plastic pollution and about opportunities to recycle locally.

“We want to help recover plastic equal to the amount we put into the world, through innovative recycling and recovery programs,” said Johnson.

Each centre will have a minimum capacity of 100 tonnes of plastic per year and is expected to provide opportunities for hundreds of local waste collectors.

The first centre officially opened in Bali on October 28, with all centres planned to be operational by May 2019.


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