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Jon CuthbertMay 15, 2018

Blockchain companies are welcome in Australia according to Austrade Trade and Investment Commissioner in New York, Garreth Simpson.

Speaking at the Consensus 2018 Conference in New York City, Mr Simpson said Australia is creating the right policy environment for doing business.

Jon CuthbertMay 6, 2018

BMW and Ford are among top global car makers who have joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) that aims to integrate Blockchain technology into the automotive sector.

These leading automakers are joined by Renault and General Motors as part of an initiative that could make transportation more efficient and affordable using a new digital mobility ecosystem.

Jon CuthbertMay 2, 2018

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is introducing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) regulations to ensure potential investors receive accurate information during token sales.

ASIC Commissioner John Price said ensuring companies are transparent in their product marketing and token sales will be a key focus as the sector develops.

Jon CuthbertMay 1, 2018

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Australia (UNICEF Australia) has turned to crypto mining to raise funds for its international projects in Bangladesh.

Forbes reports UNICEF Australia’s newly launched website HopePage asks supporters to donate their computer processing power to fuel the organisation’s crypto mining operation.

Jon CuthbertApril 30, 2018

Bitfinex has appointed DigitalX as its cryptoasset listing advisor to work as strategic partners on the Bitfinex and Ethfinex platforms.

DigitalX will provide the crypto exchange with advice and research for cryptoassets as Bitfinex processes daily transactions of up to $1 billion with neither party to receive fees for services.

Jon CuthbertApril 27, 2018

Blockchain microsavings platform Bamboo discussed the need for a better user experience in a recent presentation at the 9th Blockchain Symposium: Token Economy in Korea.

Bamboo CEO and founder Phil George spoke to attendees about how to get involved with Blockchain ecosystems and how the platform seeks to make crypto assets more accessible.

Jon CuthbertApril 24, 2018

Recent gains across alternative cryptocurrencies could indicate a market recovery is in sight as altcoins trend upwards.

Multiplier Crypto’s Chart of the Day shows the combined market capitalisation of altcoins beginning to trend in a positive direction.

Since reaching a combined market capitalisation of more than $800 billion in early 2018, recent positive growth across cryptocurrencies could signal a recovery for the market.

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