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Olga KharifJuly 18, 2018

What’s up with Bitcoin?

That seems to be question on the minds of most observers of the biggest digital token after it suddenly climbed as much as 12 percent Tuesday in less than an hour. The surge accelerated as the cryptocurrency pushed past the $7,000 price level for the first time in more than a month.

Cindy WangJuly 11, 2018

This year’s cryptocurrency sell-off has done nothing to dent the optimism of Fundstrat Global Advisors head of research Thomas Lee. Already one of Wall Street’s most outspoken Bitcoin bulls, Lee is sticking with his year-end forecast of $25,000, more than 270 percent above current levels.

Tessa DempsterJuly 10, 2018

A new study conducted by Imperial College London and eToro has indicated Bitcoin could be implemented within mainstream payment systems within the next 10 years.

Cryptocurrencies: Overcoming Barriers to Trust and Adoption argued cryptocurrencies were already equipped to fulfil one of the three fundamental roles of fiat currency – store of value.

Tessa DempsterMay 25, 2018

There has been plenty of buzz about Bitcoin over the past year, so much so that it ranked in Google’s most searched news terms for 2017, overtaken only recently by the UK’s new media sweetheart, Meghan Markle.

But with Bitcoin recouping some of the last year’s losses, as well as growing interest in Blockchain technology, is the king of crypto about to regain its number one search spot?

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